ComfTech is taking part in the “Fat&Football” project: the aim is to give people who are overweight or suffering from obesity the chance to play sport safely thanks to continuous, non-invasive monitoring, thus motivating them to lose weight and follow healthy habits.

ComfTech joins forces with Fat & Football to promote weight loss and healthy eating through safe sport for overweight people Risorsa 2 1

According to data published CEMAD (Centro Malattie Apparato Digerente) nel 2020, in 2020, 1 in 4 children will suffer from obesity, while among adults the ratio will increase to 1 in 2.

Several scientific studies have shown that proper diet and physical activity are necessary for individual health and that overweight and obesity are conditions closely linked to cardiovascular risk A proper lifestyle can help overweight people significantly limit the negative effects of obesity on the development of cardiovascular disease. Through physical activity it is possible to live a better life, have fun and feel good at the same time.

It is in this context that Fat&Football was born. The idea is to entertain people by promoting their well-being and promoting weight loss, healthy eating and nutritional well-being through the game of football. It is a five-a-side football tournament where players must have a body mass index (BMI) of over 28 in order to register for the championship. It is not necessary to have a particular level of physical fitness in order to participate: the real revolution is that, if a player does not qualify for a medical examination, he can still register for the championship as a ‘non-movement player’ and participate in the goals scored by his team thanks to the kilos lost each week. “The aim of our competitions,” explain the creators of Fat&Football, “is not to win on the field, but to motivate people to lose weight and follow healthy habits through sport, mutual support and the support of experts in the field.

“At ComfTech we design monitoring systems that can support anyone who wears them on a daily basis: in overcoming any physical limitations, in guaranteeing greater safety, in amplifying the user’s potential and having greater self-awareness, learning to know and listen to one’s own body. This is why we are happy to be able to contribute to the Fat&Football project,” says Alessia Moltani, CEO of ComfTech. “Our products enter people’s lives in a discreet and immediate way, without ever being invasive, and provide them with a valid ally in the mechanisms of prevention or care of individual health.”

ComfTech joins forces with Fat & Football to promote weight loss and healthy eating through safe sport for overweight people Howdy senior 1

Players participating in the Fat&Football championship are subject to regular medical and cardiac monitoring.
During the championship, the ComfTech HOWDY® SENIOR monitoring system will be used in the pre and post-match phases. This system allows the non-invasive detection of vital parameters, in particular heart rate and respiratory rate, in complete freedom of movement, so that it can be verified that the values of individual players are always in the right range for safe competition.

The figure of the nutritionist makes the Fat&Football tournament different from a normal five-a-side football competition. The tournament becomes a weight loss programme that takes place through a league, so weight loss and diet management are as important to the final result as the fun on the pitch and the goals scored. In some cases it is a real change of life, which is why there is also a psychologist who accompanies them and supports them in their moments of failure.

“In the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, teamwork is crucial,” say Fat&Football, “but the support of wellness and nutrition professionals is also crucial”. For this reason, the Fat&Football coach will be assisting with the pre-match weight checks and giving advice on the food diary that participants receive at the time of registration and fill in over the course of the week.

Teamwork and the group are a key element in the success of the project. Football allows you to make new friends and stimulate each other to take the challenge step by step between the pitch and the scales and thus achieve the “double” ultimate goal of having fun and feeling good.