Smart Textile to support everyday life

ComfTech® technology is designed to be flexible and to adapt to different use cases: we can supply reliable and safe smart textiles which can suit both a newborn and a racing driver! Our expertise and technical know-how allow us to start from the user’s needs.

ComfTech® monitoring systems consist of three elements:

Smart textile

Smart textile





Smart textile

Textile unit image

ComfTech® garments are the result of a synergy between tradition and new technologies: comfortable and highly technological, with integrated sensors able to monitor and collect vital parameters of the wearer. Our technology allows us to sensor textiles that are very different in terms of composition, design and functionality, depending on the intended use.


Why textile sensors?
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Do not affect movement
  • Do not require positioning on the body
  • Machine washable
  • Tested textile sensors and circuits
  • Infinite customisation possibilities

I device

Electronic unit color: Electronic unit color: Electronic unit color:
Electronic unit color: Electronic unit color: Electronic unit color:

The device is the electronic component of the system that detects and sends the parameters to the app for display.
The two types of device differ according to the physiological parameters they are able to detect.

Device COMPLETE detects:
            • Heart rate
            ECG real-time
            • Breathing rate
            • Body position

Device BREATH detects:
            • Respiratory rate
            • Inhalation and exhalation times
            • Chest/abdomen amplitude variations
            • Body position

The devices can be combined with specific textile units and applications to form ComfTech® monitoring systems: our solutions are available for babies, children, teens and adults.

Continuous research, experimentation and prototyping allow the ComfTech® team to develop increasingly precise and complex algorithms to process the data collected. Rehabilitation, daily physical activity and sleep analysis are just some of the application scenarios of ComfTech® products. Learn more!


The apps designed for ComfTech systems vary depending on which electronic unit they interface with.

HOWDY app is related to HOWDY systems and it is developed for use by healthcare professionals. It allows to visualize the detected parameters, their variation over time and to generate reports that can be easily shared.

Bodee app has been developed only for consumer use. Simple, intuitive and user-friendly, Bodee is the ideal app to support parents in the first year of their child’s life.

Visual unit sample

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