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Our story


ComfTech  is created as a non-participatory spin-off of the Milan Polytechnic University and of the textile company New Sirvip srl’s innovation branch. The first project of smart textile starts in the neonatal
intensive care wing in the Lecco hospital, with the aim of creating a wearable technology in order to improve the life of premature babies. In the same year, ComfTech ® obtains the first patent for a wearable
system with textile sensors and then the second patent for an innovative textile sensor capable of measuring a person’s vital parameters.


Completion of the first neonatal monitoring system study of the infant’s first two hours of life at the Manzoni Hospital in Lecco. In the same year ComfTech ® applies for a third patent for a sensor capable of
measuring physiological electrical signals.


This year marks the collaboration with both Italian and foreign research institutes for continuous monitoring projects through wearable systems. ComfTech ® is selected through phase 1 of a grant application, obtaining funding by the EU Horizon 2020 programme. The year 2015 also sees the beginning of a partnership for a new sensors system development (breathing rate, perspiration, printed electronics).
ComfTech ® also applies for its fourth patent.


ComfTech ® obtains the ISO 13485 certification. It initiates some distribution agreements and starts the
second clinical trial.


Between 2017 and beginning of 2018, the company starts looking for a financial partner who could offer support in order to complete the scientific validation process and also to develop and launch its products in the market. Moreover, it acquires some shares in Witsense srl and wins both “Somnus” and “Smart living & design” competitions.


ComfTech ® joins the EU Programme “Horizon 2020” and is committed to launch a large scale production business and marketing. The year 2018 is the company’s turning point, as the deal with the Italian financial fund Principia SGR is signed, through the fund Principia III – Health.


In 2019, the design of the Howdy Senior adult product and the first tests began in collaboration with the University of Brescia.


2020 is a year full of news. In addition to new trials at the Arezzo hospital for the neonatal ward and at the Brescia hospital for Howdy senior, in May it acquires a new ISO certification in medical class II for adult and neonatal monitoring with Howdy senior and Howdy Baby. In November, a collaboration with NINA begins, a center located inside the hospital in Pisa, specializing in simulation training in the neonatal field. Wins the DailyST call and participates in the Hub – Smart cities call. In December it presented on the market BODEE BREATH, the first consumer product for continuous and non-invasive monitoring at home.


The team

We are a united, passionate and multidisciplinary team, where engineering, design, research and technology, communication, business & value development get together to create a functional and efficient methodology.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Textile Know-how

The experience acquired by Comftech in the textile field made possible the coupling of tradition and new technology.


Biomedic technology is the link between the medical world and smart textile.


The methodology always puts the user at the core, trying to constantly improve the usability of every system.

Business & quality

The smart textile systems are rigorously designed in accordance with the SOPs regulations of the ISO 13485 certification.

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