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Our company was founded with a project aimed at improving the quality of life of babies born prematurely.
Over the years, we have specialised in monitoring the first hours of life of physiological newborns.
We have been working in the neonatal field for more than 10 years.

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HOWDY BABY is ComfTech's wearable monitoring device for newborn babies.

HOWDY BABY is ComfTech's wearable monitoring device designed for monitoring the first hours of a newborn's life and, if necessary, in the days following birth, both in the hospital setting and at home. HOWDY BABY is a certified medical device.

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HOWDY BABY is designed to preserve the natural skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby.

With the integrated sensors it is possible to detect heart rate and real-time ECG trace, breathing rate and body position.

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heart rate

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breathing rate

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body position

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The system consists of:

HOWDY BABY electronic unit
class IIb medical device

Sensorised belt
class I medical device

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Starting kangaroo mother care immediately after birth can save up to 150,000 lives each year.

- World Health Organization

HOWDY BABY stems from an awareness of the importance of 'skin-to-skin care', the mother-child contact immediately after birth, but also from the need to provide doctors with the baby's physiological parameters at a time when the whole body is adapting.

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By attaching the belt and connecting the electronics to the App, healthcare personnel can view vital parameters, adding objective data to normal observation.

Use with our Centralised software allows remote monitoring of the vital parameters of several infants on a single screen for easy observation.

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Through the App, postnatal evaluation forms can be filled out and filed in a simple and semi-automated way.

All data collected by the system and those entered manually through the surveillance sheets are exported within the monitoring reports.

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