ComfTech, an Italian company that has been working in the smart textile sector for over ten years, is collaborating with the ESA of Brescia on a project that aims to support women who have been operated on for breast cancer, helping them to recover psychophysically through sport.

ComfTech has launched a sports project dedicated to women who have undergone breast cancer operations, in collaboration with ESA of Brescia, an association of women volunteers committed to raising awareness of the prevention of breast cancer, the main cause of death in young women and a highly widespread disease, as well as supporting, through their presence in the ward, the women who face the difficult path after the diagnosis of the disease and ensuring, through fundraising campaigns, the renewal of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment in the main hospitals in Brescia.

The main objective of the project is to encourage women who have gone through this traumatic experience to carry out monitored motor activity, thus feeling in control of their bodies and recovering a psychophysical balance that will allow them to feel good about themselves again.

For eight weeks, thirteen women between the ages of 48 and 58 will be offered an exercise programme – customised to their needs – involving a total of 150 minutes of training per week (divided into three 45-minute sessions), under the constant supervision of a tutor. Physical training includes running, brisk walking and gymnastics.

“The project was strongly supported by ComfTech, whose mission is to design a textile technology that can support anyone who wears it on a daily basis: in overcoming physical limitations, facilitating certain tasks, guaranteeing greater safety, amplifying the user’s potential and getting to know themselves better through the preventive, comfortable and non-invasive monitoring of physiological and mechanical parameters,” adds Alessia Moltani, CEO of ComfTech. “This project dedicated to women has impressed us a lot, we are very proud to be part of it”.

ComfTech collaborates with ESA of Brescia on a sports project for women with breast cancer HOWDY SENIOR top donna

All participants will be given an Howdy Senior monitoring system consisting of a sensor top, device and app, to keep them monitored both during physical activity and at certain times of the day, allowing them to check punctually whether their fatigue and training parameters are in the range that has been predefined together with the tutor.

During the three 45-minute training sessions, the sensor will collect vital data such as ECG, pulse, respiratory rate, step quality and running.

During the day, the monitoring system will detect the quality of sleep (for one night per week) and the stress index (for one day per week).

“At ComfTech we design monitoring systems for the most fragile categories such as newborns, the disabled, cancer patients, neurological patients and the elderly,” comments Alessia Moltani, “Our smart clothes guarantee an innovative, functional and personalised monitoring experience that meets the user’s needs and becomes part of their daily routine in a discreet and immediate way.”

Each participant will have complete freedom of organisation because the monitoring system allows for remote follow-up; it is not obligatory to be always present at meetings with the tutor.

All data will be displayed via the Howdy senior app and monitored by the tutor. By reading the data collected, it will be possible to monitor improvements and see how a person’s stress level can decrease with correct and constant physical activity. Users will be able to practice sport with greater confidence and with a better awareness of their body’s response.

ComfTech collaborates with ESA of Brescia on a sports project for women with breast cancer loghi 03

The aim of the project is to restore psychophysical balance, self-acceptance and well-being through motor activity and safe monitoring.

“Thanks to our strong territorial roots, we were contacted by ComfTech to share the testing of an important project for the health of breast-operated women,” says Nini Ferrari, President of ESA. “This collaboration is perfectly in line with ESA’s mission to prevent the disease and restore serenity and quality of life to women during and after cancer. Working on movement and sporting activity monitored by professionals responds to both of our objectives and we have therefore enthusiastically accepted the proposed collaboration”.

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