HOWDY SENIOR – Continuous monitoring for adults


HOWDY SENIOR is ComfTech’s wearable monitoring device dedicated to adults.
In collaboration with universities and specialized companies, ComfTech has developed HOWDY SENIOR: a wearable monitoring solution designed for adults, without age limits, in a continuous, non-invasive and real-time way by detecting vital parameters such as heart rate, ECG real-time, respiratory rate, position and movement.

Continuous and non-invasive monitoring

Wearing a simple garment incorporating ComfTech textile technology, it is possible to monitor patients in the facility or at home. HOWDY SENIOR is designed to be integrated into the user’s daily life as a flexible, adaptable and non-invasive support. ComfTech’s design has always placed the user at the centre, the device is designed to not interfere with the person’s lifestyle and can be worn all day long in total freedom. ComfTech’s sensorised garments are made of a special conductive yarn that guarantees absolute and long-lasting comfort. The fabric clings like a second skin, leaving complete freedom of movement and safely detecting the signal.

Elements of the system

The system consists of:
• HOWDY SENIOR electronic unit, class IIb medical device
• HOWDY App for data reading
• Sensorised garment, class I medical device
To facilitate the management of multiple patients, ComfTech has also developed software to display the parameters measured by several devices in one central monitor. The system can also be integrated with compatible thermometer and pulse oxymeter, whose data are displayed in the HOWDY App or in the central monitor.

How does it work?

Once the HOWDY SENIOR electronic unit is attached to the smart garment, the parameters detected by the textile sensors are processed and transmitted to the App. All the data collected can be read in real time by medical staff via the App or, in the case of remote home monitoring, shared by the patient in the form of reports. Thanks to telemedicine services, the data can also be sent remotely directly to the medical staff, who can then have an overall picture of the patients and constantly monitor the evolution of their health status.

Use cases

Assisted Living Facility and retirement home
HOWDY SENIOR allows complete freedom of movement in total comfort. The person can be monitored during all daily activities. A single device that follows the patient everywhere.
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Haematology and Transplant Centre
Remote monitoring reduces the risk of infection as HOWDY SENIOR limits direct contact with caregivers or healthcare personnel. In addition to the main parameters, temperature control can be added to detect the onset of septicaemia.

Infectious Diseases
HOWDY SENIOR is useful to have continuous monitoring in isolation, both in the ward and at home, decreasing the risk of infection for health workers and caregivers. In addition, temperature control and SpO2 detection provide a complete picture of the patient.
Emergency Room
In the triage of patients with cardiorespiratory problems, HOWDY SENIOR is useful because it monitors Heart Rate, Breathing Rate and SpO2 awating admission.
Low and medium-intensity wards
In low- and medium-intensity wards, HOWDY SENIOR not only reduces clinical risk, but also allows remote monitoring of patients for greater resource optimization, for example, by automating the EWS (Early Warning Score).
Endoscopic procedures
HOWDY SENIOR allows monitoring and certification of vital signs during sedation.
Rehabilitation and Telerehabilitation
For any kind of rehabilitation, being able to be monitored while maintaining complete freedom of movement is crucial. With HOWDY SENIOR this is possible.
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Physical activity
Exercise can help in the prevention and treatment of various diseases. HOWDY SENIOR allows you to monitor parameters during physical activity, for greater patient safety.
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Home monitoring
HOWDY SENIOR allows home monitoring of frail patients, facilitating continuity of care between hospital and territory.
Knowing your body through a system that allows you to monitor basic parameters is a good start to prevent critical situations. HOWDY SENIOR is an excellent “assistant” even at home, always attentive to changes.


No cables, no hassle, no interference.
Certified medical device
Continuous data
Sent to smartphone and central monitor automatically
Easy to use
Sensors already in place, minimal interaction required.
Machine washable
Reusable and durable clothing.
Long battery life
30 hours of continuous transmission.

Technical Data Chart

  • Smart garment
  • Male top, Female top
  • 80% polyamide, 20% elastane
  • S, M, L, XL
  • Device
  • wireless NFC recharge
  • 73 mm x 53 mm x 15 mm
  • Bluetooth® connection




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