Residential Care Facility and Nursing Home

Residential Care Facility and Nursing Home

ComfTech’s HOWDY SENIOR system di ComfTech can be used to facilitate and automate guest monitoring in Residential Care Facility or Nursing Homes.

Using HOWDY SENIOR monitoring system it is possible to monitor the residents of facilities continuously and non-invasively.


A single device that follows the patient everywhere.

HOWDY SENIOR allows complete freedom of movement in total comfort.
The guest can be monitored throughout the day, while staying in his room, while performing daily activities, during physiotherapy or exercise sessions and during the night.
Heart, breathing and movement parameters are automatically detected by the system, providing a greater sense of security for residents and peace of mind for family members.
This makes it easier for healthcare personnel to monitor and manage multiple residents, reducing workload.


ComfTech offers several services specifically designed for long term care facilities.


Suitable for room and night monitoring.
It includes continuous monitoring of vital signs, fatigue, sleep and possible movement.


Suitable for guests undergoing rehabilitation or motor activity. Suitable for monitoring vital parameters and assessing the guest’s condition based on various posture and gait tests.
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Suitable for monitoring more autonomous residents, who have greater freedom of movement within the facility. Includes monitoring of vital parameters during daily activities, fatigue monitoring and sleep monitoring.

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