Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring

ComfTech’s HOWDY SENIOR system can be used for telemonitoring. 

Using HOWDY SENIOR monitoring system it is possible to monitor patients at home continuously and non-invasively, without interfering with their daily routine.


One device for greater independence.

HOWDY SENIOR is suitable for anyone who wants to be more aware of their health status, but also for those who need clinical or post-operative surveillance and prefer to follow their progress directly from home, without giving up the security of monitoring.
Cardiac, respiratory and movement parameters are continuously recorded by the system, ensuring greater safety for patients and caregivers, but also greater awareness.
The system’s ease of use ensures that it can be used independently and without difficulty even by the most frail users.
The system can also be integrated with telemedicine platforms to ensure continuous assistance during therapy or rehabilitation.


ComfTech offers several possibilities to visualise the data collected during remote monitoring.


Created by the user or caregiver directly in the App and easily shared via a pdf file. The report collects data for a specific monitoring period.


Viewable by doctors, specialists or remote operators. All collected data are graphed to visualise trends and easily assess the progress of monitored parameters.


The system can communicate with third-party apps and platforms to integrate into telemedicine services.
Did you know that Howdy Senior is integrated into Ultraspecialists’ telemedicine services? Learn more

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