On 6 and 7 July at Milano Unica, the international rendezvous for the world of textiles, Canclini and ComfTech will present SMART BUSINESS SHIRT, the smart shirt that monitors your health, while maintaining elegance and sophistication.

The fashion industry is facing a constant and radical evolution of its organizations in term of business models, production processes structures and technological development. Sustainability imperatives and circular economy pillars become mandatory elements for fashion businesses and manufacturers, responsibilities that clients and customers are gradually contemplate while purchasing fashion items. Together, technological development and innovation of product emerged as further trend on which clients and customers appear to be increasingly interested in, with expectations in terms of performances and technological support. In front of this rapid technological development and inclusion of new and reliable equipment and devices in the healthcare systems, solutions for a daily life wellbeing show their great potential for the innovation of the healthcare structure (Ćwiklicki, et al., 2020). Thus, fabrics and technology emerged as a valuable combination for people who are looking for non-intrusive, fashionable and connected solutions able to monitor and report their body state of health in a safe and rapid way.

The aim is to disseminate and affirm the potential of a smart business shirt as a smart fashion garment. The smart garment wants to be a reliable fashion solution for businessmen and businesswomen concerned about their health and in search of an integrated smart and fine solution able to provide continuous monitoring of vital parameters while working.

ComfTech & Canclini present smart business shirt, the intelligent shirt at Milano Unica banner Tex Competence 04 1

The smart shirt is designed as a classic shirt that stands out for its elegance and high-quality fabric, as a distinctive characteristic of Canclini fabrics, embedded with patented and reliable textiles sensors. The smart shirt ensures a non-invasive, discreet and safe tracking of body parameters that emerges from the affirmed experiences of ComfTech. The sensor is embedded in the cuffs of the shirt in an invisible and imperceptible way, connected to an external electronic core unit, designed to take trace of the user’s physiological parameters. The Smart Business Shirt enable the wearer to monitor heart rate frequency, breath rate frequency and movement. All data collected are then sent via Bluetooth® to an user-friendly App that enable the user to follow in real time his body health, accessing the data history and permitting the assessment of data stored. The complete database of information stored in the mobile app can be shared with the doctor, in order to have a professional evaluation and possible diagnosis.

ComfTech & Canclini present smart business shirt, the intelligent shirt at Milano Unica banner Tex Competence 02 2