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The Howdy Senior wearable monitoring system is used by AC Monza Primavera players in the post-match rest phase to give the preparation team a more complete picture of the athletes’ physical condition.
In recent years, technology in sport has changed the way we practice many disciplines, from amateur to professional sports, thanks to the introduction of wearable monitoring systems.

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For this reason we have been chosen as official suppliers by AC Monza: our Howdy Senior wearable monitoring system, equipped with integrated textile sensors, will allow to detect at rest and in the moments after training the parameters of heart rate and breathing rate in real time, with the security of a certified medical device.
In addition, the HRV (Heart Rate Variability) index will be monitored, giving an objective and non-invasive assessment of the level of psychophysical and emotional stress in athletes and thus providing useful information on how training affects the body.

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By monitoring heart rate variability, our Howdy Senior system will allow the sports preparation team to gather more data and information to get the most out of training, assess its effectiveness and the players’ stress levels.

The processing of the data at rest, together with that collected by K-Sport, will be an important element available to the team to obtain a complete picture of the physical condition of the athletes in order to optimise the effectiveness of the preparation and act on the improvement of the athletes’ performance.

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