The last few days saw the birth of  TEX COMPETENCE, the new Joint Venture between ComfTech and Canclini. This new all Italian partnership, combines the world of  smart textile and innovative technology with the tradition of Italian textile to create wearable and smart textile systems, usable in all sectors, not only the clothing industry.

ComfTech’s know-how in textile sensors and advanced technology thanks to years of research, also supported by the many registered patents, is coupled by Canclini’s considerable experience and flexibility in the world of textile, bringing together a common vision, aiming at the creation of smart textile through technological innovation, not only for in the clothing industry, but for a wider use.

A new challenge for the fashion world, with a ‘Made in Italy’ label.

ComfTech & Canclini: an all Italian partnership of smart textile and fashion Logo Tex Competence 2


ComfTech, PMI Innovativa, based in Monza, takes the lead in the design and production of wearable monitoring systems that integrate textile sensors and smart garments.

At present, ComfTech owns 5 patents as a result of constant investments in Research and Innovation, and it is an ISO 13485 certified company.

Its employees work as a team and have competences in different areas, such as textile, design, bio-engineering and electronics.

ComfTech’s main objective is to offer everyone the opportunity to monitor their own physiological parameters, everywhere and at any time, for medical reasons, but also for fitness and well-being.

Our mission is to combine a passionate study of new fabrics and new applications searching for beauty, with the ultimate aim to put the individual first, with a self- awareness of one’s own strength and weakness.

Our smart textile knowhow, developed through years of research and a qualitative approach, allows us to use various smart garment solutions  within different applications and to open up new possibilites.

The many prizes won by ComfTech as an innovative start-up in the wearable field and IoT mark its value at international level.

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Canclini is a long-standing Italian company, founded in 1925 in the Como silky district, specialized in the production of high-end textile garments.

Canclini’s success, including a progressive presence in the international market, is due to the family’s values of passion, knowledge and entrapreneurial intuition, together with quality and service.

Leading in the sector of classic fabrics for men’s shirts from the very beginning, it is still considered a textile global player, thanks to the large variation of brands that are part of the group.

The vast offer of products ranges from the highest quality cotton to technological man-made fibres, from wool to linen; from printed to dyed fabrics; from yarndyed to jacquard patterns and lastly knitwear. Finally, we could not miss the world of indigo yarn and denim, including inter-generational textile materials.

The proposed collections are seasonal, continuous and exclusive, to meet the demand of the entire fashion scene.

All the textile materials are made using the best technology available, regularly updated and constantly supported by research and development.

Canclini has an international sales network and a client portfolio that ranges from the most prestigious designers to the most well-known brands.

Canclini, with its partner ComfTech, envisages to be more open to a wider market as a future prospect, thanks to a continuous investment in research, innovation and technology.

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