ComfTech will collaborate with Mission Empathy to validate their method, based on the development of a scientific project, by means of objective data from a sensorised children’s T-shirt.

Mission Empathy is a start-up in the Healthcare area born from the desire to improve the hospitalisation experience for children through positive emotions and the power of empathy.

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The innovative method developed by Mission Empathy involves engaging hospitalised children on a daily basis with educational, recreational and interactive STEAM workshops.
Activities are customised according to age, pathology and walking ability, so that they are always inclusive and engaging.
Fundamental is the collaboration of professionals (physicists, chemists, astrophysicists, engineers, biologists, etc.) trained by the Mission Empathy team of psychologists to deal with the hospital environment.

The project has a double goal:
in the immediate term, to provide instant relief to the child, and consequently also to the parents and carers
 in the long term, to demonstrate that positive emotions can reduce the use of certain drugs and influence the number of days in hospital

ComfTech and Mission Empathy together for hospitalised children ComfTech MissionEmpathy

ComfTech will create a sensorised T-shirt for Mission Empathy that will be used precisely to demonstrate the beneficial effect of the proposed activities through objective physiological data.
The aim is to non-invasively assess the reduction of stress levels in young patients during hospitalisation.
The data collected will also be monitored by Mind4Children, a research spin-off of the University of Padua, and analysed to validate the Mission Empathy method at a scientific level.

What ComfTech and Mission Empathy have in common is an unwavering commitment to always putting the user’s needs at the centre, with projects that aim to improve the quality of life.


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