SmartX Europe is a three-year programme, funded under the Horizon 2020 programme, which aims both to promote smart textile innovation in Europe and the development of a value chain, and to accelerate the market introduction of the most promising prototypes.

According to various studies, the market for smart textiles and wearable devices is expected to enter an exponential growth phase with estimates ranging from a projected global market of almost $1.5 billion by 2021 to almost $3 billion for the European market alone in 2024. Most applications are concentrated in 4 main fields: Protection and defence, Sports and fitness, Industrial and technical applications (transport, architecture) and Medicine and healthcare.

Building a strong sustainable community is the long-term goal of the programme, to promote interaction and collaboration within the European smart textile industry.

The SmartX programme is led by a cluster of thirteen European partners from the textile and technology industries, mainly operating in the areas of manufacturing technology, microelectronics, data processing and IoT.


The project with which ComfTech is participating in the Programme is BODEE smarThread between babies and parents, which foresees the European testing of our non-invasive, safe and comfortable monitoring system capable of detecting heart and respiratory rate, movement and posture of the newborn.

Our devices will be tested both in a clinical setting, to monitor newborns during their first hours of life, and in a domestic setting, to meet the parents’ need to live the first months of their child’s life peacefully and safely.

HOWDY BABY will be used for a non-invasive and highly comfortable monitoring of vital parameters in hospital, for all newborns during bonding with their moms.
Bodee Breath monitoring system will allow new parents to further enjoy this comfortable monitoring when they come back home with their babies, enhancing their “peace of mind”.

The trial will be conducted in hospitals belonging to UNESSA, a Belgian association of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Medical staff will be involved not only in evaluating the cases, but also in designing possible customisations of the system to speed up its deployment.

This project has received funding from the EC through the SmartX (Smart Textile Accelerator) programme.