HOWDY BABY – Continuous monitoring for newborns


HOWDY BABY is ComfTech’s wearable monitoring device dedicated to newborns.
HOWDY BABY is the ComfTech wearable monitoring device designed to monitor the first hours of a newborn’s life and, if necessary, in the days following birth, both in the hospital and at home. With the HOWDY BABY monitoring system it is possible to detect heart rate and real-time ECG trace, respiratory rate, position and movement.

Continuous and non-invasive monitoring

HOWDY BABY was created out of an awareness of the importance of “skin-to-skin care“, the mother-child contact immediately after birth, but also out of the need to provide doctors with the baby’s physiological parameters at a time of strong adaptation of the whole body. Data is collected and sent wirelessly while the newborn remains in contact with the mother.
ComfTech was born out of the need to improve the lives of premature infants by developing textile sensors capable of detecting physiological parameters in a non-invasive manner. Research, textile know-how and experimentation have led to the creation of precise and comfortable textile sensors.
With over 10 years of experience, we specialise in the neonatal field.

Elements of the system

The system consists of:
• HOWDY BABY electronic unit, class IIb medical device
• HOWDY App for data reading
• Sensorised garment, class I medical device
Using the HOWDY BABY central monitor software, it is also possible to simultaneously display data from several HOWDY BABY devices on one screen, without distance limits, making it easier for the operators to monitor several infants.
The system can also be integrated with compatible thermometer and pulse oxymeter, whose data are displayed in the HOWDY App or in the central monitor.

How does it work?

Once the baby’s belt or bodysuit is placed on the newborn and the HOWDY BABY device is connected to it, the medical staff can view the vital signs on the HOWDY app and the central monitor and receive notifications if the values are above the thresholds set. The system thus adds objective data to the normal observation of newborns by nurses and doctors, allowing them to make better use of their time.

Use cases

Skin-to-skin care
HOWDY BABY allows the monitoring of newborns’ parameters without separating mother and child, supporting the normal monitoring activities of health care professionals with objective data.
Skin-to-skin care for
premature babies

HOWDY BABY permits to monitor premature infants, giving the possibility to leave them more time in contact with their mother.

HOWDY BABY ensures that the newborn can be monitored even during phototherapy, without interfering with light exposure.
HOWDY BABY can constantly monitor newborns during their days in hospital, even when they are in their mother’s room. The nurses can monitor the situation of each newborn baby thanks to the central monitor system.
HOWDY BABY allows monitoring during transport. In addition, it is possible to generate a report on the moment of transport.
Fragile babies at home
HOWDY BABY can be used also at home. Parents can view data and create sharable reports, and healthcare professionals can monitor data remotely.


No cables, no bother, no interferences.

Certified medical device.

Continuous data
Sent to the smartphone
and to the central monitor
Easy to use
Sensors already in place, minimal interaction required.

Long battety life
30 hours of continuous transmission.

Technical Data Chart

  • Smart garment
  • single use belt, bodysuit
  • Polyamide + Elastane, Cotton
  • Device
  • wireless NFC recharge
  • 73 mm x 53 mm x 15 mm
  • Bluetooth® connection




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