Adaptability, flexibility, quality and a totally user-centered approach: these are the basic ingredients of ComfTech ®’s continuous and dynamic innovation.

The user at the core

ComfTech ® puts the user at the core, from the initial concept and design phase through to the final implementation of the system.

Reliable Monitoring

Our first products were born as a response to a need expressed by many neonatologists: for this reason the monitoring is continuous and non-invasive and it is the result of numerous studies, supported by certifications.

Flexible technology

ComfTech ® technology is versatile, with many different applications: it can be adapted to neonatology, as well as football pitches, ranging from Mount Everest through to Formula 1!

Healthcare and sport in tune with each other

The connection between physical activity and health is by now indissoluble. With this in mind, sport is no longer viewed only as a leisure activity, or a playful moment, but it is also linked to health care and general wellbeing, as well as prevention and therapy.


ComfTech's experience in the textile sector allowed us to combine tradition and new technologies. Our history is a mix of culture, passion and respect for tradition.

Made in Italy

Made in Italy is a value we cannot renounce: we have decided to stay in our country in order to keep control on the entire supply chain and guarantee our users maximum product reliability.

Let’s not forget the environment

Even though the textile industry faces many obstacles to reach sustainability and to maintain a circular product-life cycle, ComfTech ® is committed to use whenever possible materials, manufactures and assembly procedures that minimize emissions.

The electrical component, equipped with transmission link and battery, can always be detached from the garment, not because it is not possible to embed it electronically , but because this would result in a non- sustainable choice. Being able to separate the device from the textile component allows a total recycling of the latter and a partial reuse of the electronic components, with a coherent and selective waste disposal of non-recyclable elements.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Textile Know-how

The experience acquired by Comftech in the textile field made possible the coupling of tradition and new technology.


Biomedic technology is the link between the medical world and smart textile.


The methodology always puts the user at the core, trying to constantly improve the usability of every system.

Business & quality

The smart textile systems are rigorously designed in accordance with the SOPs regulations of the ISO 13485I certification.

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