Elena Carraro uses Howdy Senior Risorsa 2 1

Elena Carraro, freshly crowned Italian Under-23 60 hurdles indoor champion, uses our Howdy Senior monitoring system.

Thanks to resting monitoring sessions, coach Andrea Uberti is able to assess Carraro’s HRV (Heart Rate Variability) index day after day.

HRV is one of the most important biomarkers of the level of psycho-physical stress, which is why it is used in the sports world to get a complete picture of the state of athletes.

The data represented are for illustrative purposes only and cannot be attributed to the athlete.

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By measuring HRV, it is possible to understand with objective data how the athlete’s body reacts to an intended physical activity, such as training or a sports performance.

Constant and repeated measurements over time make it possible to define an athlete’s baseline that allows the psycho-physical state of the athlete to be assessed with each measurement.

Based on the measured values, it is possible for the coach to plan training and rests to avoid overloading and reduce the risk of injury.

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