The Covid 19 emergency has significantly changed our habits and lifestyles.  All the balances have been upset and the efforts to find a new way to bear and respond to this harsh reality have been countless and tiring.   

ComfTech® decided to actively participate in the fight against Coronavirus by placing on the market two devices: the MASK 05 medical mask and the home monitoring system HOWDY® SENIOR.


To counter the spread of Coronavirus, Comftech® has studied and produced one of the most used contagion containment devices: the mask.   MASK 05 is a mask certified as a medical device type II. It is made with a double layer of soft and elastic fabric and an interchangeable filter.  This personal protection system, MADE IN ITALY, is a highly effective tool to counter the spread of the virus and ensures high protection. The tests conducted according to EN 1468, have shown that the bacterial filtration power of the mask with the filter reaches 98% (BFE>=98%).

What distinguishes the ComfTech® safety device from the other products on the market is the material used: the X-Static® Metallic Fibre contained in the fabric has excellent antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, allowing a strong antiviral effect on the mask. The X-Static® Metallic Fibre combined with the hypoallergenic and antifungal properties of polypropylene make the MASK 05 a mask able to significantly reduce the lethality of Covid 19.


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Like all ComfTech® products, the MASK 05 has been designed to ensure maximum comfort to the user. Thanks to its design and the high quality of the materials, the mask adheres to the face gently without causing irritation and annoyance, avoids continuous repositioning and minimizes bacterial proliferation, favouring perspiration.

ComfTech® cares for the environment: for this reason, the MASK 05 is washable and reusable, while the filter is interchangeable. This solution allows to extend the life of the product and brings both ecological and economic benefits.

ComfTech® Mask can be customized with any company logo. The possibility of customization, the reusability of the mask and the comfort of the fabric make the mask the ideal product for your company.


Social distancing has now become a primary and necessary tool to reduce the spread of Covid 19 and has highlighted, from a medical point of view, the need to be able to treat and assist positive patients at a distance directly from their home, thus avoiding overloading the existing health facilities and at the same time limiting intrahospital infections.

In collaboration with universities and specialised companies, ComfTech® designed a complete solution to monitor patients at home, through the continuous, real-time and non-invasive detection of their vital parameters, such as heart and respiratory rate, position and movement. 

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This revolutionary system is recognized as a class IIb Medical device, and consists of: HOWDY® sensorized textile Top, Oximeter, Thermometer and Data Reading App.

For ComfTech® it is essential that the device does not affect the lifestyle of the person.

The complete design of HOWDY® SENIOR always put the user at the centre: it was born from the needs of people and intends to be a safe, non-invasive and comfortable system to be worn all day in total freedom. That’s why HOWDY® SENIOR is made with a special conductive yarn that ensures long-lasting absolute comfort. The fabric adheres like a second skin, leaving complete freedom of movement to the person in all their daily activities and detecting the signal safely. The textile sensors, all patented, as well as providing high signal quality, are hypoallergenic and comfortable, but at the same time invisible.

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All the data collected are sent wireless, in real time, to tools such as smartphones or tablets and through a dedicated and intuitive app can be read by the person concerned. In addition to the patient, thanks to a telemedicine service, the data can also be sent to authorized competent medical staff, who can have an overall picture of the patient and constantly monitor the evolution of his/her state of health.

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In addition to being highly technological, the sensorized fabrics are washable and sustainable. It is possible to detach the electronic component from the garment, thus allowing the total recycling of the garment and a partial one of the device, allowing a coherent and differentiated disposal of non-recyclable elements.

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